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June 5, 2016

Presentation to the press and to the artistic community of the TKB project and website. At 7pm, S. Luiz Theatre, Lisbon.

"The Knowledge Base for Performing Arts (TKA) is an interactive digital archive of the creative processes of choreographers, directors and performers. It was established as a platform for artists interested in sharing their creative processes, working methods or finished pieces in the performing arts. In the Knowledge-Base each artist can upload multimedia files and chose how they appear connected to other artists by adding tags to their own material. TKB is hosted by FCSH at NOVA (tkb.fcsh.unl. pt) and was funded by Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia and the Europeana-Space project."


April 30, 2016

Within the meeting in the Viriato Theatre, Viseu, which will bring together four choreographers (Vera Mantero, Clara Andermatt, João Fiadeiro and Paulo Ribeiro), there will be a short presentation of the TKB Knowledge-Base.

More information:

Vera Mantero, Clara Andermatt, João Fiadeiro e Paulo Ribeiro - See more at:
Vera Mantero, Clara Andermatt, João Fiadeiro e Paulo Ribeiro - See more at:
Vera Mantero, Clara Andermatt, João Fiadeiro e Paulo Ribeiro - See more at:
Vera Mantero, Clara Andermatt, João Fiadeiro e Paulo Ribeiro - See more at:


May 2-3, 2013

Conference Multimodal Communication: Language, Performance and Digital Media

CCB, Lisbon


The Conference was organized in the framework of the TKB research project conclusion and aimed to: present the results and software tools developed during the TKB project; provide a multidisciplinary forum for researchers from different disciplines and artists interested in the documentation of Performing Arts (with a focus on contemporary theatrical dance and Performance), as well as in issues of multimodality in human communication and in human-computer interaction, particularly regarding video annotation tools and collaborative platforms for cultural heritage preservation. It was organized by the FCSH and the FCT of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

The event brought together contemporary artists and researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines, working within different theoretical and methodological paradigms in a creative, internationally oriented, and stimulating atmosphere. The importance of multimodal communication and creativity is now generally recognised by researchers from either the Humanities, Information Technologies or Cognitive Science. The conference therefore offered an opportunity to present and learn about research findings concerning human behaviour and agency in different types of communication and their cognitive, cultural, narrative, technological, social, textual or discourse functions.


Conference Topics:


•             Documentation of Performing Arts

•             Performance Studies

•             Multimodal Corpora

•             Digital Media applied to Performance

•             Cultural Heritage

•             Performance Philosophy

•             Cognitive approaches to theatrical performance

•             Multimodal Metaphor

•             Applications of Conceptual Metaphor Theory to Performing Arts

•             Applied Linguistics

•             Speech and gestures in human communication

•             Verbal vs. non-verbal interactions

•             Intercultural aspects of multimodal behaviour

•             Human-computer interaction

•             Video annotation

•             Annotation schemes and tools for multimodal corpora

•             Motion Tracking

•             New approaches to Digital Games


Keynote speakers:


•             Sally Jane Norman (Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, Sussex: UK)

•             Charles Forceville (Universiteit van Amsterdam, NL)

•             Irene Mittelberg (University Aachen, DE)


Scientific Programme Committee:


•             Carla Fernandes (FCSH-UNL: CLUNL)

•             Nuno Correia (FCT/UNL: Dept. Computer Science)

•             João Sáágua (Director FCSH-UNL)

•             Teresa Romão (FCT/UNL: Dept. Computer Science)

•             Isabel Rodrigues (Faculdade Letras da Universidade do Porto: CEAUP)

•             Sally Jane Norman (Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, Sussex: UK)

•             Rui Horta (Director O Espaço do Tempo Transdisciplinary Centre)

•             Dalila Rodrigues (CCB Lisbon)

•             Sarah Whatley (Coventry University and Siobhan Davies Dance, UK)

•             Scott DeLahunta (Motion Bank project: Forsythe Foundation, DE)

•             Stephan Jürgens (IPL: Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, PT)

•             Bertha Bermudez (ICK Amsterdam - Emio Greco|PC, NL)

•             Irene Mittelberg (University Aachen, DE)

•             Charles Forceville (Universiteit van Amsterdam, NL)

•             Rute Costa (FSCH-UNL: CLUNL)

•             Teresa Lino (FSCH-UNL: CLUNL)

•             Antónia Coutinho (FSCH-UNL: CLUNL)

•             Isabella Paoletti (FCSH-UNL: CLUNL)

•             Gil Mendo (Culturgest, PT)

•             Maria José Fazenda (Escola Superior de Dança, PT)

•             Samuel Rego (Director-Geral das Artes, PT)

•             Joachim Bernauer (Director Goethe Institut Lissabon)


Organization: FCSH/CUNL ( and FCT-UNL (


TKB Project Supporters:


•             Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

•             O Espaço do Tempo (Transdisciplinary Arts Centre)

•             Centro Cultural de Belém

•             Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian