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PhD Thesis:


- "A methodology for Bi-directional transfer between Contemporary Dance and New Media Technologies" - Faculdade de Motricidade Humana / UTL
Candidate: Stephan Jürgens (TKB project researcher) / Official Presentation: 11 Octobre 2011.



MA dissertations:


- "Sistema Multimodal para captura e anotação de vídeo" - FCT/UNL Candidate: João Gaspar (TKB project grantee) / Official Presentation: 22 Novembre 2011.


- "Relational navigation and archiving of multimedia information for contemporary dance" - FCT/UNL Candidate: João Santos (TKB project grantee) / Official Presentation: Novembre 2012.


- " People and object tracking for video annotation" - FCT/UNL Candidate: João Silva (TKB project grantee) / Official Presentation: Novembre 2021.


- "Dramaturgia Multimodal: Anotação digital de corpora multimodais" - FEUP
Candidate: David Rodrigues dos Santos (TKB project grantee)/ Official Presentation: 11 Novembre 2011.


- "Towards the creation of an annotation system and a digital archive platform for contemporary dance" - FEUP
Candidate: Paraskevi Dimakopoulou (TKB project grantee) / Official Presentation: 04 Novembre 2011.